100 Inspirasi Judul Skripsi Jurusan Sastra Inggris dari Universitas Brawijaya dan Universitas Airlangga

FORUMAKADEMIK – Untuk Temans Jurusan Sastra Inggriskini giliran kalian mendapat rekomendasi judul skripsi.

Ada 100 judul skripsi yang bisa kalian jadikan inspirasi untuk menemukan judul baru, sebagai berikut:

  1. A Melting Pot Of Malang : Linguistics Landscape Of Malang Culinary Signs
  2. Social Criticism: The Portrayal Of Social Problems In The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind Film
  3. The Resistance Against Women Negative Stereotypes As Portrayed By Jane Stringer In Jane Doe Series Novel By Victoria Helen Stone
  4. Presupposition Triggers Found In The Jakarta Post And The New York Post On The Ukraine War
  5. Covid-19 Banner: Javanese Language Expression Function To Face The Pandemic
  6. The Ideology Of Beauty Constructed In Skincare Advertisement
  7. The Struggle Of Rachel Kim As K-Pop Idol Portrayed In Jessica Jung’s Shine
  8. Critical Discourse Analysis: Media Representation On Reporting Indonesian Government Policy To Prevent Spread Of Covid-19
  9. Discrimination Against Elderly Portrayed In The Sandbox By Edward Albee
  10. A Semiotic Analysis Of Kapal Api “Semangat Berkolaborasi”
  11. The Perspectives Of Young Women On Married By Accident Towards Adolescent In Dua Garis Biru (2019) Film
  12. Multimodal Discourse Analysis Of Erigo’s Billboard At New York Time Square
  13. A Study Of Jargon Used By Group Of Tenggara Timur Students In Communicating
  14. The Psychological Distress Of Cory Lambert As Depicted In Taylor Sheridan Wind Rivers (2017)
  15. Speech Act Analysis On Instagram Statuses About Self-Love Used By #Selfacceptance
  16. Apologies Strategies And Self-Apology Perception By English Literature Students In Academic Situation
  17. A Campaign Of Racism Disclosure Revealed In Spike Lee’s Blackkklansman Movie
  18. The Phonological Development Of Language Acquisition In A Child With Speech Delay: A Case Study
  19. Speech Act Analysis Of Gita Savitri’s Utterances About Childfree On Analisa Widyaningrum Youtube Channel
  20. Politeness Strategies Used By The Main Character Of “Yowis Ben” Movie
  21. “Publish Or Perish”: Javanese Language Maintenance On Javanese-English Code-Switching Song
  22. Are You A Die-Hard K-Pop Fan? Examining English Korean Code Mixing Uttered By An American Native Speaker Youtuber
  23. What You Are Is What You Say: An Analysis Of Taboo Words On Tiktok
  24. “Jargon Used On Tiktok Check…”: Language Variation Revisited
  25. Thank You, It Really Makes My Day : Compliment Responses Revisited
  26. An Analysis Of Semiotic Signs Found In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Movie
  27. An Literature Analysis On Indonesian Women Beauty Standards And How Society Are Treats Women And Affect Women’s Life Through Movie Analysis Entitled “Imperfect”
  28. Harry Osborn Character Transformation In Marc Webbs The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Film (2014)
  29. The Stereotypes Of Ideal Women Seen From College Students: A Sociolinguistics Study
  30. An Analysis Of Slang Words Used In Music Album Entitled “Culture” By Rap Group Named Migos
  31. Can Code Switching Indicate Personal Branding?: A Case Study Of Higher Education Students In Indonesia
  32. Bts Song As A Depiction Of Social Criticism: Discourse Analysis
  33. The Maxim Violation Produced By Poverty-Stricken Family In Parasite Movie
  34. War Impact And Ecocriticism In Grave Of The Fireflies
  35. Semiotic Analysis Of Ruangguru Apps Advetisment
  36. Generation Gap Between The First And Second Generation Of Indian Immigrants In America As Reflected In Netflix Series: Never Have I Ever.
  37. Conversational Implicature Analysis In June And Kopi Movie
  38. Students Attitude In Learning English And Arabic At Pesantren Modern In Barabai
  39. The Impact Of Popular Culture Portrayed In Coco Movie
  40. Fictive Interaction In A Talk Show: Multimodal Discourse Analysis
  41. An Analysis Of Artistic Codeswitching In Denny Caknan And Guyon Waton Songs
  42. If Not Us, Who?: Preserving Javanese Language Through Code Switching Practice In Yowis Ben Movie
  43. Functional Delayed Echolalia: Insights From A Movie
  44. Representation Of South Korean Teenager’s Struggles In Boy Group Cix’s ‘Hello Chapter 2: Hello, Strange Place’ Album’s Short Film Series: A Semiotic Study
  45. “Slowly But Sure”: A Language Deficit Of A Child With Down Syndrome
  46. Portrayals Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder In A.J. Finns The Woman In The Window
  47. Are You Covidient Or Covidiot?: A Linguistic Landscape Study On Covid-19 Flyer In Pasuruan District
  48. Social Discrimination Manifested In Kawin Tangkap Tradition Of Sumba Society
  49. Religious Fanaticism In People In Rifley Scotts Kingdom Of Heaven Movie
  50. Diglossia In Conversations Used By The Main Character In The Queen Of The Tearling Novel
  51. The Adjectival Collocates Of The Noun ‘Technology’ From 1940 To 2015: A Study On American Corpora
  52. Censorship On Female Sexuality In Indonesian Television: An Audience Study
  53. Code-Switching Used In Vlogs By Indonesian Youtubers Andovi And Jovial Da Lopez
  54. Symbols Of Beauty In Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Sonnet 18, Sonnet 54 And Sonnet 130
  55. The Representation Of Gender Performativity In Netflix Tv Series Orange Is The New Black
  56. The Representation Of Class Srtuggle In The Movie The Divergent Series: Allegiant
  57. A Multimodal Analysis Of Antangin Junior And Antangin Jrg Advertisements Indicating Particular Consumers’ Age Groups
  58. A Study Of Cohesive Devices On The New York Times Online Newspaper About Prabowo Subianto
  59. Women’s Linguistic Features Of The Main Female Characters In Frozen
  60. The Absence Of Father Figure On Sutter’s Adolescence In James Ponsoldt’s The Spectacular Now (2013) Film : A Psychoanalysis Criticism
  61. The Portrayal Of The Lgbt Community In The Jakarta Post Through The Use Of Discourse Structure
  62. Woman Exploitation As Seen In Mccormick’s Novel Sold
  63. Slips Of The Tongue Produced By Indonesian College Debaters In The Indonesian Debate Competition
  64. The Representation Of Indonesian Women In Jakarta Post Articles Through The Types Of Indirect Sexism
  65. The Portrayal Of Plural Society In Indonesia In Adit, Sopo&Jarwo Indonesian Tv Series
  66. The Portrayal Of Woman Struggle As A Mother In Room Film (2015): A Feminist Perspective On Motherhood
  67. The Shifting Of Nationalism Through Cultural Identities: Analysis Of Good News From Indonesia Instagram Account
  68. Women And Technological Control Towards Nature In Victoria Averyard’s Red Queen: A Postcolonial Ecofeminism Study
  69. The Meaning Of Fathers’ Masculinity In Global Tv’s Super Papa Episode Ricky Harun And Episode Tyson Lynch: A Reception Study Towards Airlangga Sub-District Rw I Young Adult Fathers
  70. Feminist Film Study In Zootopia With The Perspective Of Beauvoir Feminism Concept
  71. Lexical And Structural Ambiguity In The Online News Articles Of The Jakarta Post And Antara News
  72. The Representation Of Muslim Working Women In Muslimah Leader Rubric In Noor Magazine 2015
  73. The Representation Of Woman’s Body Concept In Colgate’s Slimsoft Television Commercial: A Semiotic Analysis
  74. Gender Performativity In Troye Sivan’s Youth Music Video
  75. The Representation Of Food And Cultural Identity In @Inijie Instagram Account
  76. The Portrayal Of Ronnie Miller’s Defense Mechanism In Nicholas Sparks’ The Last Song: A Psychoanalysis Study
  77. Women’s Linguistic Features Of Katherine Watson And Betty Warren In “Mona Lisa Smile”
  78. A Comparison Of Multimodality Elements Used In Beyonce’s Music Videos: Crazy In Love And Formation
  79. Black Pride Construction On African American Hero In The Book Of Eli (2010) Movie: An Archetypal Study
  80. Deconstructing The Concept Of ‘Pure Woman’ In Thomas Hardy’s Tess Of The D’urbervilles
  81. Comparison Of English And Indonesian Lyrics Of Oreo Wonderfilled Advertisement: A Localization Perspective
  82. The Functions Of Psa “Penyakit Yang Diakibatkan Rokok”: A Study Of Discourse Of Advertising
  83. The Representation Of Monomyth From The Two Main Characters In China Mieville’s Un Lun Dun
  84. The Ambivalence Of Henry Townsend In Edward P. Jones’ Novel The Known World: A Post-Colonial Study
  85. Code Switching In Cosmo Girl Indonesia Magazine
  86. Challenging The Traditional Gender Role In Jacqueline Kelly’s Novel The Evolution Of Calpurnia Tate: A Feminism Approach
  87. Ecological Imperialism In Tessa Harris’s The Dead Shall Not Rest Novel
  88. An Analysis Of Lexical Choice Used In The 2016 U.S. Presidential Third Round Debate
  89. Misogyny In Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight Film
  90. Mysticism And Exoticism In India In Coldplay Music Video “Hymn For The Weekend” (2016): A Process Of Othering
  91. Three Commonplaces Of Narrative In A Teacher’s Life Story
  92. Deconstruction Of The View Towards Dysfunctional Family In Eugene O’neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night
  93. An Analysis Of Language Of Humor At “Ini Talk Show” Television Program
  94. Politeness Strategies Used By The Suspect In The Criminal Investigation By The Police
  95. The Meaning And The Social Aspects Of Slang Found In Mad Max: Fury Road Movie
  96. The Representation Of Masculinity In Bangtan Boys Clip Video Entitled Dope
  97. The Representation Of Woman In “Roar” Music Video By Katy Perry
  98. The Commodification Of Devout Muslim Identity Through Endorsement Pictures Posted On Oki Setiana Dewi’s Instagram
  99. The Comparison Of Women’s Linguistic Features Used Between Men And Women Ask.Fm Users On Responding To Hate Messages
  100. Discourse Of Chinese-Indonesian In Kick Andy’s Mr. Governor And Kontroversi Ahok


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